Suggestions, bits & ideas

Between us, we have added the best of our ideas to Gary’s excellent plans and instructions. Some of these may appeal to you, maybe not, but if nothing else it shows that these models can subtly be modified and still look from the same stable.

Quick and practical workbench boat stand

Any fruiter or garden produce outlet will have plenty of empty polyfoam boxes.  Just trim to size, with or without the base, and smooth the edges that are in contact with the full. Doesn’t have to be precise and can accommodate any of the Bear boats.  If you like, tape the contact edges with cloth tape but if the foam is as new, not needed.  This one was not new.  🙂



Budget priced waterproof switch and LD indicator

While this subject has been talked about before on RCG a recent enquiry from a new builder prompted me to describe how we have been doing this for a few years now.

Why we do it is simple enough. at some time or the other, any of us has launched his boat without turning on the
TX. This can be simply overlooked through eagerness or simple forgetfulness.  Sufficient to say, avoid it at all costs.

We fit a small rubber booted simple 2 pole micro switch that is ON-OFF. Simple is best.

This can come up through the deck or through a cabin wall.

This is exactly how they look, just 2 pin and ON-FF. The On-Off-On versions or whatever are a nuisance.


Here’s where you can source them on eBay.  Waterproof switch   Don’t be fussed about having to buy 5, these are cheaper than one only locally (if you can find them).

The LED lead is made up from a servo lead with a resistor and a small LED. These days you can get resistor and LED already connected but you’ll have to buy a few of them (once again, so cheap anyway)   LED (Green)  although rated 12v they’ll illuminate very brightly on 6v.

This is how they are fitted in my latest build.

Hope you go this way    😉