Tony’s Annie build

The following are photos from more Aussie builders.

The first contributor is Tony who lives and sails along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

Tony reports as follows.

Setting out the patterns, I put some double sided tape and cut the two sheets as one on the Band saw.


Cutting the bulkheads using double sided tape to hold the pattern to the ply

Working on the rudder detail I had to purchase 5metres of 5mm aluminium rod so I guess I can make a few rudders.

Thickened epoxy to hold aluminium to ply, for the cross pieces I used some threaded 2mm SS rod that I had.Plate and plate case I turned some Aluminium rod to make the holding pins and made two epoxy and fibre glass lined plate cases as the first one slipped out of alignment when gluing Those little wooden pins did the trick on the second one.

I tried to make a curved transom but rejected it as I couldn’t make a good fit.

Assembling the bulkheads with epoxy fillets.

Seeing the shape of the hull starting to come together for the first time.

Fitting some curved band saw cut cedar ribs to achieve deck curvature.


Basic hull,  plate case, bulkheads and deck complete with epoxy fillets.



Time to fair the hull and remove the plate case projection.

Temporary placing the deck adding Hatch coamings and cabin and the two masts.

First coat of gloss white paint and trial fitting of servos.

Second coat of gloss paint, coloured as it is hard to see where to paint white gloss over white gloss.

Busy Boat yard.

Cabin  and hatch details, Tasmanian Myrtle gunnels.

Second coat of brushed gloss white on the hull.

Crazy decision to plank the deck with Huon Pine planks at this late stage, I should have planked before building the deckhouse and hatches.

Planking continues but not a great job.

Hull painting Gloss white.

More details of Cabin side

Making Gary’s blocks using Jelutong coated with epoxy.


Current state of the project. Deck still not attached.


To Be Continued…