Schooners IRENE

Gary’s Irene was the first off the drawing board and onto the market, proving itself straight off with numerous builds underway globally. Before long a thread was set up on RC Groups by Paul which saw a great deal of activity over the first couple of years or so.  New builders seeking specific help and accomplished skippers providing it.

It was my first model and a bit of a challenge as I considered myself not even a woodworkers bootlace. As the build progressed and my ability to eventually put things together more or less as per the plans it was about 6 months before she maidened. I opted for the full gaff-rigged version.

Working one’s way through the posts on RCG it is very evident that while Gary’s instructions are spot and fail-safe, there are a few of us that like to do some things our own way.

As time allows I will feature our local boats here and point where we have deviated from t the norm, and whether the modification survived or was replaced.

IRENE schooner Molly G (Mal’s)

Greg got well into building his Irene which he named Skye.He also adopted the full gaff rigged style.

IRENE Schooner Skye  (Greg’s)

Nov 23