Sloops EMMA

Gary’s second model was the sloop Emma  Mine was built and named Anna. Later I decided to do another with several modifications, named Maxine. Eventually, Eric took over Anna and became his solo boat for a time.

Sloop EMMA Anna ( Eric’s)

Eric added his own touches to Anna and did a great job of it. She is seen in nearly all of our videos since,  where she has a proven record as  very agile and spritely. She eventually had a slightly larger jib and a topsail. Initially, I had converted her from the standard arm winch to a more familiar (for me, anyway) drum winch. This didn’t do a lot, other than to add to her pace and ability to adjust faster to the sticks in heavier going.

Sloop EMMA Nell  (Greg’s)

Greg’s sloop evolved along the lines of Anna in as far as having a drum winch and topsail. Both sloops have almost identical performance characteristics and will be seen going head to head over long distances.

Sloop EMMA Maxine (Mal’s)

Maxine was built simply to try out a number of modifications while leaving Anna pretty well stock standard (at that time).

Even today she is still undergoing radical changes but in the meantime has set some new standards for our Emmas as mentioned previously. She carries the most sail of all and is brightly coloured overall for better visibility in assessing such changes.

She has just had her third deck fitted which is fully planked,  whereas previously it was drawn on. For  two years her  sails were made of kite ripstop  which worked very well despite fading somewhat after three Aussie summers,