Project 2022 The Tern Schooner


Having built and sailed all of Gary’s models, plus some variation versions, I thought my building days were over.  (Wife’s amused laughter in background).

But it seems not so.  🙄

I confess that I seem to like sails a lot and while the Flyer does a lot for that, it is still a single mast. I have several two mast versions with  main topsails and one with a jib topsail but what else is there out there?

Then I came across this.

I then  gave it the required cooling off period, This method sorts out the over-ambitious from the possible, I contacted  Gary for the acid test. Needless to say he was not actually aghast at the idea but happy to give encouragement.

So, here I go.

I’ve spent a few weeks thinking about the ins and outs of doing something like this and realise that if it is going to be a success it has to be better thought out than some of my other hybrids.

Basically it will be a three mast schooner, so not unlike the Flyer. In fact the hull will be based on the Annie Cargo schooner as I’ve built two of those, one on 110% scale, so anything that can go wrong probably did and I learned from it.

Being three masts it requires an extra 10″ somewhere along it’s length.

Amongst the first consideration is the ply for the hull. I’d be very unlikely to hit on the amended strakes to fit first off so I’ve sourced an old panel sliding door and will remove and use the ply to make up a trial hull before committing to what is now a considerably more expensive commercial ply, thanks to the current global economic scene. Ply I bought at $18 four  years ago  is now $43.

Step one will be to print out the Annie strakes on A4 prints and see how that 10″ can best be incorporated. I am fond of the idea making the neck  angled up at the bow, like the photo, and see what’s practical regarding the stern.

I’m going to  document this build more thoroughly than any of my others, it being of possible  diverse interest to some.. Because I don’t like posting lengthy build notes of RCG I will just feature a precis of where it’s at and a link to our local  WordPress website. WordPress also offers more neat features than the software for RCG. This way I can use images and video better.


2 comments on “Project 2022 The Tern Schooner

  1. Hi Mal, Great idea ! , wil surely follow your progress.
    For making your templates I suggest to buy a roll of packing paper to draw long lines without rims or doublings in the surface,
    Wish you great succes !
    Jerry D and Max Payload

    • Thanks Jerry, will keep that in mind. I have a clear understanding (thanks Gary) on what needs to be done and so will get started on it within days. No time frame though, this one will proceed slowly, with care!

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