Here we go again

Rather disappointing but no choice but to start all over.

So, five days later it is back to where  I left off and everything has measured up nicely.

Different ply this time out other than being 2.7mm rather than 3mm it is much the same, although the finish is harder and the ply not quite so flexible. Neither of which are important.

I’m testing out, on the bench, a different material to mitre the internal joints.

It is Builders Bog which is really a panel beaters filler on autos. The good thing is you can use the minimal activator to give more time to lay it and finish off. When I used water-based acrylic gap sealer on other boats it tended to “skin” too fast and was also rather tacky. It was successful. This product smooths on nicely using Gary’s recommended applicator shape. After 24 hours I’ll test it to destruction and if proves that the top ply tends to come away with it I’ll be very happy.

The next post will be well into the new build, I hope.


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