Tern Schooner Part 2 Plywood

Have to start somewhere, so here goes.

I figure there will be much trial and some error along the way so have sourced some inexpensive 3 ply in which to experiment with during the hull build stage.

I’ve done this before and built one boat using it but then went back to premium ply based on fancy.

I visit a local recycle yard and see what’s on hand in the way of old panel doors, those of ply on a timber  frame  usually with paper cells inside. The ply is just glued to the frame as is the paper cells to the ply and all come away easy with just a flat blade.

These I usually get for about $10 but his time someone else has totally cleaned them all out  so I managed just a narrow section of what seemed to be part of a folding door.

Anyway, for $5 I’m happy. More so as t turned out to be the best ply I’ve has fro these old doors, an more recent manufacture in terms of decades,  it seems.

Anyway, a few pics of what is came apart like.


It’s start

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