Tern Schooner Pt 3 Strakes


There is where it gets a bit  fluky, get it right first time or keep trying until I do. 

While using the Annie hull as the default I need to add 10″/25cm to the centre section. Initially I’ll just add that to the centre of the pattern but will also add a different top edge to allow for a  desirable hull profile more like the Tern schooner.

So far I’m finding that insert has all dimensions  in the Annie procedure out the window. Because of the greater overall length (+30 cm) there needs to be resizing and placement of all bulkheads, including an additional one in the fore section.

fortunately I cut the upper strakes out of scrap ply as the new sized and spaced bulkheads, along with the desire to have that well upturned bow profile means I can add pieces to the temp pattern then cut out premium ply for the job.

But as Gary always points out, the Finbox needs to be built before any placement of other sections can proceed.

Next: Upper hull pre-fit.



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