Welcome to Rc Sailboats Down Under


This site will continue to contain a lot of Australian RC plywood sailboat information and reports and is intended as a companion to the RC Groups forum threads that already do a great job overall.

It will also feature any of Gary’s boats globally in regional sections.

We are just a local group of three RC sailboat D.I.Y. enthusiasts and all up we have 11 working models.
All are from Gary Webb’s excellent range of plans that can be obtained HERE.


The prime object of this site is to encourage the growing number of Australian builders to become aware of where everyone resides, and maybe arrange some get-togethers.
We can advise where to obtain materials and parts and recommend that which is working best for us.
International builds are an important aspect and are most welcome.


While this is not a forum as to such, the RCG site does all that, you can contact us through the comment form and one of us will email you details for direct communication.


The only interest we have is in making and sailing these boats.  We don’t embed ads, we don’t offer anything other than free advice, some entertainment but always much encouragement.
You can even Private Message any of us on RCG if you prefer (links in BLUE )

Mal RobCrusoe     Greg Crossbones     Eric See Kadett


If you would like private notifications of updates please do leave a comment below. All that is needed is an email address that will not be seen by anyone else, just me.

RCG members can PM  RobCrusoe 

 Last updated Dec 14th 2021


6 comments on “Welcome to Rc Sailboats Down Under

  1. Great idea Mal. Keep up your good work

  2. I’d like to keep in touch, I’ve just finished building an EMMA. It floats, but now I need wind.
    I live in Adelaide and have another two friends in the middle of building Emma’s.
    Shortly we will have a small fleet.

  3. Hi All, I’m in Perth and building EMMA and looking for others in WA and Australia. Currently I’m filing off the fin and then I’m pretty much done. Looking for like minded people in Perth with view of sailing together. I live in Mosman Park ., very close to several good places in the river to sail. Look forward to hearing from others. I well send photos later.

    • Hi Ian
      Thanks for the contact. I expect the Aussie response will be slow but I’ll
      persist in seeking them out and hopefully get local meets going.
      sailing photos, videos etc are great but also any on stages of build ar always well appreciated, particularly by newcomers.
      Send me what you have when ready, I’ll send you my email separately which is easier to use in some ways in respect to sending medium.

  4. Hi All, Any advise on the ideal breeze for a first sail with a first time builder.

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